China can make it,China can do it!

China can make it,China can do it!

Sep. 27,2019

70 years, the glorious years bomb command, 70 years, the Chinese land vicissitudes of life.

In 2019, our great country celebrates its 70th birthday.

It has the world's first highway length of 131,000 kilometers

It has the world's first high-speed railway with a length of 30,000 kilometers

It has the world's first optical fiber mileage of 30.41 million kilometers

It has the world's largest mobile payment amount of 208 trillion yuan

It has lifted 13.91 million people out of poverty annually, the highest number in the world

With the world's first bridge technology

It has the world's first quantum communication technology

It has the world's first high-speed rail and bullet train construction technology

In 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded!The Chines

It accounts for 6 of the top 10 suspension Bridges in the world

It has 12 cities with a GDP of over one trillion yuan

It's urbanization has reached 57.35%

This is your country, this is your home

The place where the five-starred red flag flutters is the place of home

e people, who have experienced the vicissitudes of war and backwardness

have finally stood up again.Like a dragon, China stands tall again in the east as a great power.

At that time, China's people's livelihood was poor, the economy was seriously backward, and the country's cause was in ruins. 

The government and people did not shrink from the face of a devastated China, but went forward bravely.

 It only took three years to restore the national economy, and a number of touching and moving stories were born.

Main Brands: Honeywell Emerson GE Fanuc ABB Allen Bradley Reliance Westinghouse Ovation 

Mitsubishi Fisher Rosemount Invensys Foxboro Schneider Modicon Squre 

D Azbil Yamateke Omron Siemens Yokogawa and more...

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