Get to Know The True Meaning of Life

Get to Know The True Meaning of Life

Aug. 02,2019

The True Meaning of Life

The Years have passed by, In the blink of an eye,

Moments of sadness,And joy have flown by.
People I loved, Have come and have gone,

But the world never stopped,

And we all carried on.

Life wasn't easy,
And the struggles were there,
Filled with times that it mattered,

Times I just didn't care.

I stood on my own,
And I still found my way,
Through some nights filled with tears,

And the dawn of new days.

And how many things,
That I managed to buy,
Were never what made me,

Feel better inside.

And the worries and fears,
That plagued me each day,
In the end of it all,
Would just fade away.

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