Qingming festival

Qingming festival






Qingming is one of the 24 solar terms in China.Because the 24 solar terms objectively reflect the temperature, rainfall, phenology and other changes throughout the year, so the ancient working people use it to arrange agricultural activities."Huainan son? 

Astronomical training" cloud: "after the vernal equinox 15 days, dou refers to b, then qingming wind to.According to

"100 questions at the age of 100" : "everything grows at this time, are clean and clean.Therefore, it is called qingming."Tomb-sweeping day, the temperature rises, rainfall increases, is a good time for spring planting.

Therefore, there is "before and after the qingming festival, melon seed beans", "afforestation, never qingming" nong proverb.It can be seen that this solar term is closely related to agricultural production.

However, qingming festival as a festival, and pure solar terms are different.Solar term is the symbol of phenology change and seasonal order in China, and the festival contains certain customs and activities and some commemorative significance.

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