Robot News

Robot News

Jul. 09,2019


                  "Robots are not only the representative industry of advanced manufacturing, but also an important support for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. They are also an important entry point for improving the human lifestyle. Robots have broad market space and development prospects, and they also face rare development opportunities."

Four strategies to promote the high quality development of China's robotics industry

1. Improve innovation ability

Encourage and support the synergy between industry, academia and research, make full use of the National Robot Innovation Center, and focus on the key links of the industry chain to develop key technologies for cutting-edge robots and cutting-edge technologies. Focus on improving the maintainability, reliability and service life of key components and machines. Efforts to improve the quality of product supply and promote the application of high-end robots.

2. Standardize industry development

Further implement industry standard management and promote enterprises to upgrade their technical level. Continue to improve the robot testing and certification platform, formulate technical standards that are urgently needed in the industry, guide product quality improvement, and enhance users' confidence in using robots.

3. Improve standard regulations

With the development of robots, especially the wide application of artificial intelligence technology, problems such as robot safety and ethics have gradually emerged. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant departments to prepare for the development of standards, laws and regulations for the improvement of robot safety ethics. The innovative application of robots creates a good development environment.

4. Strengthening open cooperation

China's manufacturing industry should open up and innovate to promote the high-quality development of the robot industry. It must also adhere to the road of openness, cooperation and win-win, implement various open cooperation policies, and create a favorable environment for all enterprises to participate in market competition on an equal footing. "We must work with colleagues from all over the world to meet challenges and jointly promote the high-quality development of the robot industry.

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