The April 29, 2021, R-C Morning Report

The April 29, 2021, R-C Morning Report

Sep. 19,2022
Genoa, Nev. — The Carson Valley Almanac is out on news stands this morning. The award-winning annual magazine is celebrating its 40th edition this year.

The Assessor’s assessment, sales and personal property web sites are still down this morning. They reported a hardware issue and the county’s information technology team is working with the vendors to fix it. You can call the office at 775-782-9830 if you need to look something up in the meantime.

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Part Number

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Siemens 6ES7151-1AA05-0AB0

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Siemens 6ES7151-7AA00-0AB0

Siemens 6ES7158-0AD01-0XA0

Siemens 6ES7151-7AA20-0AB0

Siemens 6ES7181-0AA01-0XA0

Siemens 6ES7151-8AB01-0AB0

Siemens 6ES7193-0CA40-0XA0

Siemens 6ES7151-8FB01-0AB0

Siemens 6ES7193-0CB10-0XA0

Siemens 6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0

Siemens 6ES7193-0CB30-0XA0

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The average sale price of a Carson Valley home hit $605,922 in the first quarter of 2021. That’s down roughly $3,000 from the fourth quarter of 2020. According to information released on Wednesday, 198 homes sold during the quarter.

Workers were replacing some aging drainage pipe on Cemetery in Gardnerville on Wednesday. The road is expected to be closed to through-traffic over the next few weeks. We might see work complete on Centerville Lane by Friday.

Regional Transportation Commissioners will discuss the five-year transportation plan update when they meet 4 p.m. today at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1616 Eighth St.

The Bently Nevada Concerts in Minden Park are back with the first set for May 21 featuring the Americana band Hot Buttered Rum, according to the poster hanging on the Raley’s bulletin board. I checked the band’s website, and they think they’re coming that day, too.

Expect Minden’s warmest day so far in 2021 with 84 degrees under sunny skies. The westerly 5 mph breeze won’t provide much cooling this afternoon. April 4 was the previous warmest day at 79 degrees. With lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s, it’s safe to hook the hoses back up for the next week.

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