Chinese traditional festivals

Chinese traditional festivals

Sep. 06,2019

Chinese  Traditional Festivals

From the press conference of China's seven traditional festivals, the seven traditional Chinese festivals such as Spring Festival, 

Lantern Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata, Mid-Autumn Festival and Chongyang were officially released.

This is one of the actions initiated by the China Cultural Promotion Association's Festival China Collaboration, 

which combines the seven traditional festivals to package the application. The traditional Chinese festivals that have lasted for thousands of years have accumulated profound cultural connotations.

 However, due to the lack of an image logo system, it is not conducive to the promotion and dissemination of traditional festival culture in modern society. 

Traditional festivals are an important carrier for reviving and inheriting excellent historical culture.

In January 2017, the "Opinions on Implementing the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture" issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council pointed out: "Implementing the inheritance and development of Chinese outstanding traditional culture is a major strategy for building a strong socialist culture. 

The task is of great significance for inheriting the Chinese culture, comprehensively improving the cultural quality of the people, safeguarding national cultural security, strengthening the national cultural soft power, and advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity."

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