• Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival Bo cake, originated in Xiamen, is a unique Mid-Autumn Festival activity in southern Anhui for centuries. It is a unique moon cake culture and a heritage of history. The founder of the blog event was Zheng Chenggong of Quanzhou Nan'an. In the past, Zheng Chenggong instructed his s...

  • Woodward


    Woodward Woodward 505 controller,speed governor Woodward Governor Company Woodward Governor Company Product Line: The Woodward 505 control system is designed and manufactured by Woodward, Inc., which is based on a microprocessor-based control for steam turbines with single or dual actuators. The Woo...



    ALLEN BRADLEY ON SALE Big discount!!! New and original!!! Whole series on sale!!! 1746,1747,1756,1769,1794,1771,1785 series...... Email me:mrplc@mooreplc.com 1756 ControlLogix I/O Specifications The ControlLogix® architecture provides a wide range of input and output modules to span many applica...

  • Company Activities

    Company Activities

    Team seaside activities The test of the game is the tacit understanding of the whole group, the ability of team communication and cooperation, to condense the wisdom of each person, in order to dig out the team's greatest vitality and competitiveness. Playing games at the beautiful beach! Barbecue &...

  • ICS Triplex

    ICS Triplex

    ICS Triplex ICS Triplex has been committed to the key Control (Critical Control) system, emergency shutdown (ESD/SIS)/security chain system, Control system (TMC/ITCC), gas fire monitoring system (head), boiler management system (BMS), high pressure protection system (HIPPS), etc. The development, de...

  • Volcanic Island

    Volcanic Island

    In June, our foreign trade sales team went to play on the volcanic island, experienced the scene of volcanic eruption in the experience room, and played games on the beach, which promoted the feelings of our team. Volcanic Island Introduction Zhangzhou Volcanic Island (Bohai Volcano Natural Ecologic...

  • Team activity

    Team activity

    On March 24, the company organized all employees to go outing. The weather was good. We laughed all the way and walked through the characteristic glass path. With the launch of the event, new employees quickly integrated into the team and found a sense of collective belonging. Each employee exp...

  • PLC discount

    PLC discount

    Special clearance, new and original, contact me immediately if necessary Big discount: 1746-IC16 1756-CNBR 1766-L32AWA 1746-NO4V 1756-IB16 1769-AENTR 1747-SCNR 1756-IB32 1769-ASCII 1769-L36ERM 1756-IF16 1769-IQ16 1769-L33ER 1756-IF8 1769-IR6 1747-L551 1756-OB16D 1769-IT6 1756-EN2TR 1756-OB16E 1769-L...

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