• 3500/22M Bently Nevada Transient inventory 5 pieces

    3500/22M Bently Nevada Transient inventory 5 pieces

    Company Name: Moore Automation Limited Company Website: www.mooreplc.com Please check it with E-mail: plcsale@mooreplc.com Our Mission: Make it easier for customers to buy industrial components Vision :Reliable Global Supplier of ...

  • PLC


                          The English full name of PLC is: Programmable logic controller, programmable logic controller, an electronic system for digital operation, designed for industrial environment applications. It uses a class of programmable me...



    GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, which culminates on November 11, taps a global supply chain to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for new brands and new products. Over 200,000 brands are participating, one million new products are on offer and more than 500 mil...

  • The importance of Moore Automation`s team

    The importance of Moore Automation`s team

    Positive team will bring nice price always~ Will you feel satisfied with our team? If yes, Come on to get superise Pls contact me now --- plcsale@mooreplc.com We are the supplier for industrial automation spare parts. We specialize in PLC module, DCS card pieces, ESD system card pieces, Vibration mo...

  • Team Work

    Team Work

    Moore Automation Limited As is well known, 1+1 is equal to 2. So, why do our team say that 1+1 is greater than 2? Because each of these 1 is full of teamwork. 1. If a group, an organization, a team, each of us is full of teams. Spirit, then, this group, this organ, this team must be a harmonious tea...

  • PLC Controllers

    PLC Controllers

    What is the definition of "PLC"? A Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC, is a ruggedized computer used for industrial automation.  These controllers can automate a specific process, machine function, or even an entire production line. ***********************************************************...

  • DCS Information

    DCS Information

    DCS  In  The  World Since the advent of the world's first DCS in 1975, process control has officially entered a new era of distributed control systems. The birth of DCS not only improved the level of production operation, operation and management, but also optimized the energy balance...

  • Pakistan customers visit our company for long-term cooperation

    Pakistan customers visit our company for long-term cooperation

    Pakistan customers visit our company for long-term cooperation October 24, 2019, Customers visit our company , We talk about ABB, Benly Nevada,Siemens cooperation  ABB DSAI110 57120001-DP                 Bently Nevada 3500/15-A03-B00-C00   ...

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