Labor holiday

Labor holiday

Apr. 26,2020

Do you know what is the significance of May Day?

It is a common festival for the proletariat and working people all over the world.

Its significance lies in the fact that the workers have won their legitimate rights and interests

through struggle and with the indomitable and heroic spirit of struggle.

It is the historical progress of human civilization and democracy and the essence of May Day.

We have 5 days holiday soon.

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Rockwell Allen-Bradley , Prosoft , Schneider Modicon , Bachmann , General Electric , Woodhead , Siemens


ABB , HIMA , Invensys , Foxboro , Yokogawa , Invensys Triconex , Honeywell , Westinghouse,

Emerson , Woodword


Bently Nevada , EPRO

TC-FCCN01            TC-FCCR01 

TC-FFC010             TC-FFC025 
 TC-FFC050              TC-FFC100
 TC-FFIF01              TC-FFPCX1 
  TC-FFRP02              TC-FFRU01 
 TC-FIAH81              TC-FID161
 TC-FIDA81              TC-FIL081 

  TC-FIR081               TC-FOA041 

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